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Our Winter Camp featuring Fortnite is now open for registration!
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About Us
Centered on three core pillars of learningpassion, and excellence, Training Grounds is Cloud9’s youth initiative program that brings together young players for a unique online camp experience.

Training Grounds provides a holistic learning community where players can level up their game skills while growing as individuals through real life skills application.

Players are introduced to industry-standard techniques and tools utilized by Cloud9’s current professional esports teams and receive coaching and competitive play experience.
Who can Sign up? 
Young players ages 13- 18 can register for Training Grounds. Some camps may have more limited age ranges due to the ESRB rating. 
Players will "age out" of Training Grounds on August 7th of their 18th year. 

How much does it cost?
The specific camp structure will dictate the price of the camp. 

Will I get better?
Training Grounds will give each player the tools to achieve their personal goals in game. We hope each player will improve after camp but can not guarantee improvements. 

Why Cloud9 Training Grounds?
C9 Training Grounds is the only Esports Camp designed and operated by a Professional Esports Organization. Don't be fooled by others, Cloud9 Training Grounds is a unique experience from any other esports camp out there. 

Cloud9 Training Grounds

2720 Neilson Way #5697 
Santa Monica, California 90409

Email: [email protected]