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Cloud9 Training Grounds

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Cloud9 Training Grounds

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Aug, 2020

Welcome to C9TG

From Jack Etienne, CEO and Founder of Cloud9

Grounded in our values of teamwork, excellence and sportsmanship, Cloud9 is developing a youth program that brings together teens ages 13-15 for an online camp experience.

With an expert team of esports coaches and educators, we’re excited to share our 6-week-long program, built on a curriculum suited for teens and young adults, in a simulated league environment that fosters growth as both a player and an individual.

Through techniques and tools utilized in Cloud9’s current professional esports team environment, the goal of Training Grounds is to provide an educational, fun, and collaborative experience built on the shared values of our organization – fostering growth not only in-game but also in everyday life.

As both a father and the co-founder and CEO of Cloud9, I feel strongly about the capabilities – and responsibilities – that esports organizations have in contributing to the development and growth of our youth and future esports professionals. I’m excited to introduce Training Grounds as Cloud9’s newest initiative and invite you to join us.

Registration for Session 2 is live August 31st – Session 2 begins September 28th and will run to November 7th. 

Cloud9 Training Grounds

2720 Neilson Way #5697 
Santa Monica, California 90409

Email: [email protected]