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About Training Grounds

Grounded in our values of teamwork, excellence and sportsmanship, Cloud9 is developing a youth program that brings together young players for an online camp experience. Through techniques and tools utilized in Cloud9’s current professional esports team environment, the goal of Training Grounds is to provide an educational, fun, and collaborative experience built on the shared values of our organization – fostering growth not only in-game but also in everyday life. 

Cloud9 Certified Coaches

We've brought together an expert team of coaches to mentor players in game and out. Our coaches were recruited from the highest ranks of the game and are respected leaders, players, and coaches in their fields. 

Multi-level Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to use games as the tool to teach real life skills. To teach interpersonal team communication we examine how players speak to each other in stressful game moments. Resource and economy management varies by game, but is always an integral core mechanic of success. Time management and multitasking drills help players prioritize completing objectives. 

About Cloud9 Esports

Cloud9 Esports is the premier esports organization in the world. Fielding twelve professional teams in eleven different games, Cloud9’s reach is unparalleled – generating more viewer hours than cable networks like CNN or ESPN. In 2017 Nielson recognized Cloud9 as the most recognized esports brand in the US and UK. Cloud9 is one of two organizations globally to own franchises in both the League of Legends LCS and the Overwatch League. Cloud9’s investors include Founders Fund, Valor, WWE, Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, David Sacks and NFL legend Joe Montana.

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Cloud9 Training Grounds

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